Sprint overview

A Sprint is a timebox of 30 sequental calendar days during which a team works to turn the Selected Product Backlog into an increment of potentially shippable product.

When the tasks and required time has been determined, the Product Owner lets go. Fron now on, the Scrum Team works under its own responsibility. If the group has been properly composed, the work will be self-organizing.

Responsibilities during the sprint

Role Responsibility
Product Owner

Manage Product Backlog

  • Drive each Sprint to maximize ROI
  • If not managed functionality may not be of benefit to the organization
Product Owner, Stakeholders

Identify Additional Requirements

  • Product Owner should be receptive to additional ideas
  • Make sure Backlog is up-to-date, prioritized and estimated
  • No duplicates

Lobby for Priority adjustments

  • Ensure backlog is visible to all stakeholders
  • Ensure consensus on priorities
Scrum Team

Develop increments of new functionality

  • No-one tells the team how to develop the functionality
  • Product Owner and others in the business domain should be available to answer questions and make decisions

Maintain the Sprint Backlog

  • Update remaining hours
  • Adjust estimates
  • Remove unnecessary tasks
Scrum Master Assess Sprint Burndown and watch if some team member stops progressing
Facilitate DailyScrum
Assess Impediments
Facilitate meetings