This is a meeting facilitated by the Scrum Master at which the Team discusses the just concluded Sprint and determines what could be changed that might make the next Sprint more enjoyable and productive. The Sprint Review looks at what the team are building whereas the Retrospective looks at how they are building.

Duration 2 hours
Participants Scrum Master, All team members, Product Owner (optional)

A room suitable for discussions
Text Markers for all Participants
Red and Green sticky dots
Whiteboard and Flip charts

Flip charts

A time line over at 2-3 connected flip-charts
What went well
What could be improved
Who is in control (divided into two)

  • Team
  • Organization


1. Present goal and prime directive for meeting

2. Mark the start and end date of the Sprint on the time line
3. Explain to the participants how to work with post-its, i.e. write only one event per post-it
4. Hand out post its and ask everyone to write on them all significant events of this Sprint. Timeboxed 5 minutes.
5. Each participant in turn adds his/hers Post-its to the time-line and explains in two sentences, the story behind the event

What went well
6. Hand out Post-its and ask everybody "What went well". Timeboxed 5 minutes
7. Each participant in turn adds his Post-its to the flipchart "What went well" and explains it

What can be improved
8. Hand put Post-its and ask everybody "What could be improved". Timeboxed 5 minutes
9. Each participant in turn adds his Post-its to the flipchart "What could be improved" and explains it

Who is in control
10. For each item on the "What could be improved" flip chart:

  • Ask the team "Who is in control of the impediment?"
  • Move the corresponding column on the flip chart "Who is in control"

11. Prioritize both lists with the team

Wrap it up
Run a wrap up of the meeting
12. Each participants gives a short reflection about the retrospective

After the meeting

The "Who is in control" flip chart is made visible to everyone in the organization
The impediments related to the organization are added to the Impediment backlog
The impediments related to the team is added to the Product Backlog