About us

Dynamic Project Management AS (DPM) was founded in 2000 and based its business concept on providing consulting services to enterprises, which needed to respond faster to the evolving change in the Information technology market.

The founders of the company have more than 25 years of experience within ICT and other related business areas.

Since day one, the primary business focus has been project management, process facilitation and coaching, particularly within Agile Project Management. However, we do provide services related to test management and project management within operations services as well as consulting related to outsourcing and tendering.

DPM is a member of the DSDM consortium and has Certified DSDM practitioners as well as Certified Scrum Masters and Practitioners.

We initiated development of Daily-Scrum based on a very important philosophy:

  • Practicing an agile project approach is to make things as simple as possible
  • The approach where you maintain a holistic planning for long term and detailed planning for short term, i.e. do not spend time on planning things you may not do in the future.
  • Accessibility to all team members and stakeholders, regardless of technology

We are seeking partners who will use and participate on promoting Daily-Scrum.