Why scrum

How to increase your competitiveness

Companies’ main interest is to maximize business by matching all customer requests/needs in order to create revenue or reduce cost. This often leads to internal conflicts between business executives and development regarding the prioritizing of requested features, such as

  • What features to develop? 
  • Deadline for changes? 
  • What to prioritize first?

The chaos that often comes out of this can be resolved by using a structured workflow. By working with the Scrum methodology, the challenges mentioned above can be reduced and you will be able to focus all energy on the most valuable in a project, i.e. better business value, and as a result of that, a more competitive company that will experience increased revenues and profits. In other word true business development.

Why should I use an Agile method in the first place?

Working with Agile development methods is rapidly becoming the norm and the most common Agile method is Scrum because of it features.

There are, of course, several reasons why you should apply this methodology in order to create more business or develop an organization, such as

  • You have experienced problems meeting deadlines. Or you want to accelerate your project/s.
  • You want to reduce your development costs.
  • Tight development resources. You have looked at ways of how to increase output from your scarce resources. 
  • You have experienced chaos or conflicts between different interest groups / stakeholders regarding the prioritizing process.
  • You are seeking a tool to support the prioritization process to optimize business value.

Why use Daily-Scrum instead of working the traditional way with Post-it notes on the whiteboard or the wall?

Quote  from a VP of a large financial company.

"When you have one project on a whiteboard with Post-its it's fine, but when you have five or six projects, the whiteboard approach just does'nt cut it. We simply haven't got enough whiteboards!!"

Automation with a tool is required!

Other reason why you need Daily-Scrum can be;

  • Your existing project tool / way of working do not appear to support your different needs in a proper way.
  • You lack the holistic and in-depth overview of the progress of your projects.
  • You want to increase the ability to keep and predict project timelines.
  • You want to have in-depth knowledge of the progress and it's value in a project.
  • You want to improve development processes with teams working on different locations.
  • You seek a tool that will guide you in how to run the development process according to Scrum in a better and easier way.