Product Owner

The Product Owner is the representative of all stakeholders. His/her focus is the business side of the product. He/she carries the product vision to the team, and formalizes a specific, measurable and reasonable Product Backlog and prioritizes it by business value.


  • Represent the voice of the customer
  • Establish, nurture and communicate the product vision
  • Achieve initial and on-going funding for the project by creating initial release plan
  • Administer the Product Backlog
  • Monitor the project against ROI goals and investment vision
  • Update and prioritize Product Backlog (ensure that the most valuable features is built first and built upon)
  • Make decisions about when to create an official release
  • Ensure that the Scrum Team works with the right things from a business perspective


In no particular order, the following qualities may make life easier for all parties participating in a project.
Comprehensive knowledge in

  • the Business area
  • Business processes
  • Marketing
  • Engineering