Quick start for scrum projects

Initiating a Scrum project should not be difficult. If a team has not had any training in Scrum it is a good idea to initiate the project with a two-days training session where training is combined with practice. Exactly how you wold define the agenda for this is something that should be defined when considering the participants and the project. A good approach is to practice planning mixed in with the training.

Proposed agenda

  1. Teach Scrum concepts, theory, practices
  2. Present project vision, goals, timelines
  3. Teach Sprint planning
  4. Define Product Backlog for at least three months (some preparations is probably good)
  5. Brainstorm about overcoming impediments
  6. Brainstorm about Product Backlog for next Sprint - team commits
  7. Team defines the first Sprint Backlog
  8. Teach Daily Scrum, Sprint review, Sprint signature, and management
  9. Discuss engineering tools and practices