Daily scrum

The Daily Scrum meeting is a short timeboxed status meeting held by each team. The Team members synchronizes their work and progress and report any Impediments for removal to the Scrum Master.

Duration 15 minutes
Participants Scrum Master, All team members, Product owner (optional), Stakeholders (other)


  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What will you do today?
  3. What obstacles are in your way?


  • Everybody must stand up. Nobody are allowed to sit down, it is not a coffee break.
  • Only team members and scrum master can talk - others can paricipate, but are not allowed to talk.
  • The meeting is not for problem solving. Any issues can be discussed right after the meeting

Tips for Scrum Master

  • First meetings take more time as team learns how to Scrum
  • Keep meetings crisp, focused on answering the three questions
  • Don't allow discussions regarding what has been reported
  • Keep chickens quiet
  • Setup meetings following the Daily Scrum as needed
    • To solve design questions
    • Impediments