During the two days we will assist you in product planning and sprint planning, so you get a smooth and efficient start on your first project.

What you will learn the two days

  • Project setup. Configuring project and understanding how options will influence your view into the project.
  • Product planning. You will learn assigning business value and estimates to the product backlog. Prioritization of the product backlog, the philosophy behind MoSCoW prioritization, where you may or may not choose to use MoSCoW prioritization. The impact of re-prioritizing the product backlog.
  • Release planning. You will plan your first release, and learn how MoSCoW prioritization and velocity will impact your sprint timeline.
  • Sprint planning. Setting up teams, defining sprint goal and select items from the product backlog to be worked on in your first sprint. Define tasks and understand when to assign resources for your tasks (depending on your needs).
  • Sprint tracking. Learn how to track and update progress of tasks, using either task board, team overview or personal backlog.
  • Sprint review. Learn how to close a sprint and transfer outstanding tasks to next sprint, as well as baselining releases.

Depending on complexity of the project, you may be able to initiate your first sprint on the third day.


The number of training courses are limited. It's a first come, first serve offer.

The training is provided to customers which orders a minimum of 10 users for minimum one year. Any expences related to travel, hotel and other related costs must be covered by you as the customer.

When signing up, please comment that you want training. We will quote the training cost when replying to your request.